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If you've wanted to get involved and help out concerning environmental, conservancy or community issues, but weren't quite sure where to get  started?  Here's one opportunity to be a part of a group that's doing just that. 

                              3 Easy Ways to Get Involved:

  • Participate in Community Cleanup  activities, and volunteer when possible.  Use the "Contact" screen at the bottom of this page for info on Community Opportunities

  • Purchase Outdrz Gear ( A % of profit proceeds is donated from every purchase)

  • Not ready to buy just yet??  But still want to help??  Donate to Outdrz and we'll put your generosity into action helping others.


About All This...

A bit about me and what’s driving this…

The Past:

  Although I’m very blessed to currently have a job with a great company, and a job I truly enjoy, undoubtedly I had the most fun in my working life at a skate/T-shirt shop in the booming metropolis of Charleston, WV.  I of course never made much money at this and eventually moved on but the atmosphere was fun, my co-workers were incredible, and the job was essentially easy as I do well mingling with the public. I recall this era as the” good times”, if you will.  Fast forward 30 years and I find myself entertaining the possibility of doing something similar, but with a good bit of differences in my motivations for selling some t-shirts or mingling with the public. 

The Present:

   I’m attempting to do just a few things here.

The Why:

    It was suggested to me several years ago to make some life style changes and find a few healthier hobbies and habits, at that stage in my life I’d all but forgotten about walking in the woods.   I was in the Boy Scouts early on, and being so I was quite exposed to the outdoors.  Also, my family is comprised of a few hunters and others that would chose to wander in the woods after a meal to help digestion or to relax.  As I started easing back out into the woods I can’t really label or give a name to the feelings I started to recall and the level of serenity that slowly came over me as I’d just walk along and sort through things mentally.  At this stage I don’t care to give this sensation a name, or categorize it, I only care that I never lose the ability to be exposed to it, and I want it always to be available for anyone else who might draw the same experiences from a simple bit of time spent in the outdoors. 

Waxing Philosophical:
  As a species a lot of us humans appear to be in a constant battle to live up to or achieve the levels of suggested success that we’ve been fed and conditioned to understand as “correct”.   Some examples being the $250k house, 2 vehicles, 3 kids and at least 2 household pets.   Get, get get, more more more and so on and so on.  In my humble opinion I’ve heard it said best as “We will not understand as a people the value of the pristine outdoors until the last fish is gone, there are no more trees to cut down, and the forest animals have diminished, at which time we’ll come to realize that you cannot eat a $100 bill”, although I can’t remember whom to credit the likeness too.  I’m just hugely grateful that the forests, trails, rivers and streams were there for me when it was time for me to revert back to what was once normal, and give a different life style a shot.  The outdoors were always open, they forever had a new and interesting story just waiting in them for me to uncover, and they’ve never left me feeling slighted.  The outdoors were there for me to utilize to my heart’s content and that is one of the main motivating factors for me attempting this endeavor.   To tell whoever will listen about what I’d forgotten about and since rediscovered, what it has done for me, where it resides, and lastly how we as a group can protect it for future generations…

Thanks for considering The Outdrz Group as a way to assist in some of the challenges our wonderful planet is experiencing.  I'll continue to do my best to advance our group's directives of becoming a part of some much needed answers.


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